RAX Solutions - Your Automatic Choice

RAX Solutions is specialized in automation solutions in 3 main areas: manufacturing process, distribution and retail.

Thanks to this range and flexibility of products, in combination with RAX's ability to develop completely tailored solutions, RAX Solutions has installed our solutions into several industries and we have proven that a high level of success can be achieved with our solutions. The customers of RAX can now feel assured that a fast Return-On-Investment can be achieved through benefits such as increased productivity, increased space efficiency, automated stock control, elimination of picking errors and many other such benefits. Furthermore, RAX customers can be reassured that it is working with the most advanced and proven technologies from an established provider of high quality solutions and services.

Great Project Management

With their extensive experience, RAX team members are confident to build with you your next Automation project. They perfectly know all the steps to efficiently build an automation project, from data collection to organization study, to ensure the perfect tailored solution.

Great after sales service

Great after sales service comes with high quality product. Our experienced team provides the best solutions for training, maintenance and product evolution to sustain your business needs.
Your satisfaction is our priority.